Phone Apps by APD SKEG


This is an app that allows for the opening and analysis of DNA sequencing files - ab1.

Android: DNAApp/Android
Publication: DNAApp/Publication


This native apps allows internet independent analysis of sequences with the following features all without internet connection.

Android: DNA2App/Android
iOS: DNA2App/iOS
Publication: DNA2App/Publication


Allows easy answering of surveys which can include those for academic research in the areas of medicine, clinical research, psychology, occupation, leisure, and market research.

Android: PsychVey/Android
Publication: PsychVey/Publication


Graph app that allows you to enter points for your known standards. From the automatically plotted graph, you can enter your sample values to get the unknowns.

Android: StanXY/Android
iOS: StanXY/iOS
Publication: StanXY/Publication


The 2 in one app that acts as a gyroscope and accelerometer.

Android: VibraTilt/Android
iOS: VibraTilt/iOS
Publication: VibraTilt/Publication

APD Volumetric App

This apps allows the determination of volumes left over in round bottomed or cylindrical containers.

Android: APD Volumetric App/Android
iOS: APD Volumetric App/iOS
Publication: APD Volumetric App/Publication

APD Colony Counter App Lite

Colony counter app that can analyze agar plate images and count them manually using the touch screen.

Android: APD Colony Counter App Lite/Android
iOS: APD Colony Counter App Lite/iOS
Publication: APD Colony Counter App Lite/Publication

APD Colony Counter App Pro

Colony counter app that can analyze agar plate images and count them automatically.

Android: APD Colony Counter App Pro/Android
iOS: APD Colony Counter App Pro/iOS
Publication: APD Colony Counter App Pro/Publication

Look, See!

This apps taps on your back camera and provides a small floating movable widget that allows you to see where you are going and lets you see any obstacles or approaching objects on the screen!

Android: Look, See!/Android

Gelapp: DNA&Prot Gel Analyzer

This is the first android app that allows you to analyze gel (both agarose and PAGE) bands with a log graph automatically generated from the markers. It allows automatic detection and loading for future uses.

Android: Gelapp: DNA&Prot Gel Analyzer/Android
iOS: Gelapp: DNA&Prot Gel Analyzer/iOS
Publication: Gelapp: DNA&Prot Gel Analyzer/Publication

APD SKEG Conference/Workshop App

APD Conference App is an app for upcoming conferences and workshops.

Android: APD SKEG Conference/Workshop App/Android
iOS: APD SKEG Conference/Workshop App/iOS

SpectBT- Spectrophotometer App

This app controls our Bluetooth based mobile Spectrophotometer, complete with interchangeable filters and two cuvette slots for calibration.

Android: SpectBT- Spectrophotometer App/Android
Publication: SpectBT- Spectrophotometer App/Publication

PepApp: Amino Acids, Proteins

This WAS the official The 7th International Peptide Symposium App held at Auditorium, Matrix Biopolis, Singapore, December 9-11, 2015. The Singapore Peptide and Proteins Society is the host society for the 2015 Congress.

Android: PepApp: Amino Acids, Proteins/Android
iOS: PepApp: Amino Acids, Proteins/iOS

ForSight - Mutation Predictor

ForSight is an app used for Biomedical Research that generate predicted mutations generated from ForSight Architect (Desktop only). ForSight Architect generates mutation rules from wild-type and mutant sequences, calculating the "rules" followed in the mutation.

Android: ForSight - Mutation Predictor/Android

APD Anicare App - Pet Care Information App

APDAniCare App is an app that provides general pet care information such as vaccinations, diets and basic first aid procedures for dogs and cats.

Android: APD Anicare App - Pet Care Information App/Android
iOS: APD Anicare App - Pet Care Information App/iOS

APD Areametric App

How big is that spill in area? How big is that scar/blemish on the skin? On a map, what is the area of that area?? This apps allows the determination of areas in things of interest.

Android: APD Areametric App/Android
iOS: APD Areametric App/iOS

Wound Education App

This app provides clinically relevant information on wounds for patients, along with what to expect for treatment of them. This app is a joint effort of APD SKEG Pte Ltd, A*STAR, and the Wound Innovation Center of Cardiff, Wales, UK and Global Wound Services Ltd.

Android: Wound Education App/Android
iOS: Wound Education App/iOS

APD AR Holistic Review

This app allows augmented reality(AR) display of APD lab's publication.

Android: APD AR Holistic Review/Android
iOS: APD AR Holistic Review/iOS

APD Skin Monitoring App

This app allows the automatic detection of wounds, analyzing the coloration of it, and also allows the overlaying of wounds for tracking and monitoring.

Android: APD Skin Monitoring App/Android
iOS: APD Skin Monitoring App/iOS