Phone Apps by APD SKEG


This is an app that allows for the opening and analysis of DNA sequencing files - ab1.

Android: DNAApp/Android
Publication: DNAApp/Publication


This native apps allows internet independent analysis of sequences with the following features all without internet connection.

Android: DNA2App/Android
iOS: DNA2App/iOS
Publication: DNA2App/Publication


Allows easy answering of surveys which can include those for academic research in the areas of medicine, clinical research, psychology, occupation, leisure, and market research.

Android: PsychVey/Android
Publication: PsychVey/Publication


Graph app that allows you to enter points for your known standards. From the automatically plotted graph, you can enter your sample values to get the unknowns.

Android: StanXY/Android
iOS: StanXY/iOS
Publication: StanXY/Publication


The 2 in one app that acts as a gyroscope and accelerometer.

Android: VibraTilt/Android
iOS: VibraTilt/iOS
Publication: VibraTilt/Publication

APD Volumetric App

This apps allows the determination of volumes left over in round bottomed or cylindrical containers.

Android: APD Volumetric App/Android
iOS: APD Volumetric App/iOS
Publication: APD Volumetric App/Publication

APD Colony Counter App Lite

Colony counter app that can analyze agar plate images and count them manually using the touch screen.

Android: APD Colony Counter App Lite/Android
iOS: APD Colony Counter App Lite/iOS
Publication: APD Colony Counter App Lite/Publication

APD Colony Counter App Pro

Colony counter app that can analyze agar plate images and count them automatically.

Android: APD Colony Counter App Pro/Android
iOS: APD Colony Counter App Pro/iOS
Publication: APD Colony Counter App Pro/Publication

Look, See!

This apps taps on your back camera and provides a small floating movable widget that allows you to see where you are going and lets you see any obstacles or approaching objects on the screen!

Android: Look, See!/Android

Gelapp: DNA&Prot Gel Analyzer

This is the first android app that allows you to analyze gel (both agarose and PAGE) bands with a log graph automatically generated from the markers. It allows automatic detection and loading for future uses.

Android: Gelapp: DNA&Prot Gel Analyzer/Android
iOS: Gelapp: DNA&Prot Gel Analyzer/iOS
Publication: Gelapp: DNA&Prot Gel Analyzer/Publication

APD SKEG Conference/Workshop App

APD Conference App is an app for upcoming conferences and workshops.

Android: APD SKEG Conference/Workshop App/Android
iOS: APD SKEG Conference/Workshop App/iOS

SpectBT- Spectrophotometer App

This app controls our Bluetooth based mobile Spectrophotometer, complete with interchangeable filters and two cuvette slots for calibration.

Android: SpectBT- Spectrophotometer App/Android
Publication: SpectBT- Spectrophotometer App/Publication

PepApp: Amino Acids, Proteins

This WAS the official The 7th International Peptide Symposium App held at Auditorium, Matrix Biopolis, Singapore, December 9-11, 2015. The Singapore Peptide and Proteins Society is the host society for the 2015 Congress.

Android: PepApp: Amino Acids, Proteins/Android
iOS: PepApp: Amino Acids, Proteins/iOS

ForSight - Mutation Predictor

ForSight is an app used for Biomedical Research that generate predicted mutations generated from ForSight Architect (Desktop only). ForSight Architect generates mutation rules from wild-type and mutant sequences, calculating the "rules" followed in the mutation.

Android: ForSight - Mutation Predictor/Android

APD Anicare App - Pet Care Information App

APDAniCare App is an app that provides general pet care information such as vaccinations, diets and basic first aid procedures for dogs and cats.

Android: APD Anicare App - Pet Care Information App/Android
iOS: APD Anicare App - Pet Care Information App/iOS

APD Areametric App

How big is that spill in area? How big is that scar/blemish on the skin? On a map, what is the area of that area?? This apps allows the determination of areas in things of interest.

Android: APD Areametric App/Android
iOS: APD Areametric App/iOS
Publication: APD Areametric App/Publication

Wound Education App

This app provides clinically relevant information on wounds for patients, along with what to expect for treatment of them. This app is a joint effort of APD SKEG Pte Ltd, A*STAR, and the Wound Innovation Center of Cardiff, Wales, UK and Global Wound Services Ltd.

Android: Wound Education App/Android
iOS: Wound Education App/iOS

APD AR Holistic Review

This app allows augmented reality(AR) display of APD lab's publication.

Android: APD AR Holistic Review/Android
iOS: APD AR Holistic Review/iOS

APD Skin Monitoring App

This app allows the automatic detection of wounds, analyzing the coloration of it, and also allows the overlaying of wounds for tracking and monitoring.

Android: APD Skin Monitoring App/Android
iOS: APD Skin Monitoring App/iOS

APD Shakestra

Turn your smartphone into a virtual musical shaker!Simply select an object and an instrument type, tap your screen and shakaway.This game app creates an environment of shapes and materials that generates sound effects for fusion music. Can be used together with multiple phones to generate harmonic fusion percussion sounds.

Android: APD Shakestra/Android
iOS: APD Shakestra/iOS

APD Recollection

It comprises of Word and picture memory games that can be used to track memory changes or train memory. The games comes in two languages: English and Chinese simplified text.

Android: APD Recollection/Android
iOS: APD Recollection/iOS

APD Misdirection

APD Lab's psychological game app for measuring response time, attention, and adaptability to being mis-directed. The gameplay measures the response time to clicking the right figure upon correct/mis-directive prompts.

Android: APD Misdirection/Android
iOS: APD Misdirection/iOS

APD Labyrinth

This is a psychological game app created by APD Lab. It comprises of a maze and a ball that leverages on your phone tilt functions to control the ball. To increase your difficulty, you may increase the speed of the ball. If you are want help to move in the shorted suggest way, we can provide hints to guide you.

Android: APD Labyrinth/Android
iOS: APD Labyrinth/iOS

APD Fruit DNA Extraction Kit app

This app is the instruction and information app for our Fruit DNA extraction kit for home use. You may order the materials by emailing The materials are property of APD SKEG Pte Ltd.

Android: APD Fruit DNA Extraction Kit app/Android

APD Plant Growth app

This app was made to monitor plant growth and leaf conditions. It is not a diganostic app for plants nor intended for such.

Android: APD Plant Growth app/Android