Our Mission

To make a positive impact in society on the areas of education, research, and worldviews


About the Company

APD SKEG Pte Ltd was set up on 4 July 2017 as a startup for scientific phone apps, consultancy, research and educational kits. The aim of the company is towards sustainable research/educational practices.

The scientific apps developed serve to displace biomedical lab equipment, making it affordable for scientist to own their own equipment.

The educational kits, based on recycled materials, aim to reduce waste towards educational for primary and secondary school education.

The research kits developed aim to provide independence to Singapore researcher with “made-in-Singapore” products that can benefit the researchers by saving cost on shipping and time-sensitive experiments.

In 2018, APD SKEG Pte Ltd also took on journal publishing after the first and only specialized journal “Scientific Phone Apps and Mobile Devices” on mobile apps and IoT devices was transferred from SpringerNature to the founding Editor-in-Chief Dr Samuel Gan. In mid-2018, the first neutral student journal for secondary to PhD education levels across all disciplines – APD Trove, was launched. Together, these journals reduced their open access publishing fees for the benefits of scientists, engineers and students.

Samuel Gan

About the Founder

Associate Professor Dr Samuel Gan is trained in a wide variety of disciplines across biomedical sciences : Biotechnology, Structural Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, Virology, Allergy, (TP-SGP, UCL-UK, KCL-UK, BBK-UK), translation & interpretation (TP-SGP), psychology (OU-UK), higher education (KCL-UK), theology (KCL-UK, CLBS-SGP, GBI-SGP, FEBC-SGP), business admin (OU-UK), complexity science (SFI-USA), and commercial law & tech transfer (TP-SGP).

He is an associate of King’s College, member of the Higher Education Academy UK, the British Psychological Society, Biochemical Society UK, and Allergy & Clinical Immunology Society, Singapore, New York Academy of Sciences, and was listed as one of fifty skilled talent alumni from technical tertiary education in the SG50 book "A Nation of Skilled Talents". In 2018, Samuel was selected as one of the "world’s most promising researchers" in the Interstellar Initiative by the New York Academy of Sciences and Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development. In late 2019, 2020, Samuel was highlighted one of the 30 world class innovators "fusioneers" in the book “Innovation Through Fusion” by Dr CJ Meadows and SP Jain School of Global Management."

He is the Principal Investigator of his Antibody & Product Development (APD) Lab in A*STAR where he manages research and also the scientific services of his lab. He is also associate lecturer for Singapore University of Social Sciences; associate senior lecturer Dimensions International College (DIC); adjunct Associate Professor at James Cook University, Singapore, and associate lecturer at Republic polytechnic.

Despite working in multiple disciplines, Samuel’s lab has achieved publications in the top journals of many fields in the last 7 years, almost all of which, he is the main and corresponding author. The output of each discipline is comparable to whole mono-discipline labs in outputs: therapeutic/diagnostic - >30 publications; products/apps - >30; Psychology/Social Sciences - >10, and 3 experimental biology textbooks.