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We are planning more courses. Please stay tuned for details!

Introduction to R Programming

Our basic course in R-programming is a popular language for statistical computing and also data analytics.

Introduction to Python

Python is a high-level language popular programming language utilized for many areas from A.I. to scripting. With multiple runs of our Python course taught by Dr Su. We have basic (for people with no programming backgrounds) to intermediate levels of this course.

Introduction to Java Programming and Scientific Android Apps

Java is the programming language for Android apps. Our basic course teaches the basics of Java and the making of a scientific web-based Android app.


Interested to publish your own E-book, E-magazine, or E-article? APD SKEG Pte Ltd can help you put your book on E-book platforms or help you develop your own E-material. Apart from saving trees, the electronic platform allows your materials to be distributed on the Internet.

With our experience in E-books, E-journals, and even educational apps, we provide this service to meet your needs and requirements. You can check out our E-books and Journal pages to see our portfolio of E-Books and E-books. We can even add augmented reality or virtual reality to complement your E-publications!

Product Development Consultancy

With experience in multiple disciplines and various countries, APD SKEG consultancy has unique solutions and insights to issues. With a plethora of products and research and technology publications, we show that we deliver. The results speak for themselves. We can assist in research planning, product development, and business processes. In fact, we offer psychological solutions on top of the usual technology solutions!

Translation / Interpretation / Transcription

Specializing in Chinese/English biomedical translations, interpretation, transcriptions, we can help you in your market/clinical/research. With the increasing use of Mandarin globally, there is the need to have good reliable translation/interpretation.

Our forte is in simultaneous interpretation/transcription, saving time and convenience for the listeners and readers.

3D Printing/Device Prototyping

With experience in designing and making few portable device prototypes, coupled with our 3D printing capabilities, we have a range of scientific research, education, and for fun products. Our flagship product, our mobile spectrophotometer – APD SPECTBT can also be seen below.

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