List of services that we provide:

  • Apps
    APD SKEG Pte Ltd is home to the first and only specialized journal in the world "Scientific Phone Apps and Mobile Devices". With over 20 scientific apps and over 40,000 downloads all over the world in just 2 years, we have a wealth of experience in the areas of apps, in particular, scientific phone apps. In addition, we also developed smartphone-dependent devices (e.g. APD SpectBT). Many of these were published in scientific academic journals, capturing both academic and commercial value. With our mission to stimulate growth in this area, we offer our capabilities as a service in both app design and building.

  • Consultancy
    With a wealth of experience across multiple disciplines and areas, and in capturing commercial value of academic knowledge. We have expertise across the areas of apps, psychology, education, product development and also scientific research. Depending on your requirements, we can offer unique interdisciplinary approach to your problems or initiative.

  • E-Books/ E-Publishing
    APD SKEG Pte Ltd folks have been engaged in E-books and E-publishing from as early as 2007 using various platforms. We have a portfolio of books and materials (see our E-book product list) and we can certainly help anyone who wants to publish their material electronically, be it a book, magazine, or article. Feel free to write to us.

  • Education/ Workshop/ Seminars
    APD SKEG Pte Ltd have a wealth of experience in educational programmes since 2008. The staff have been involved in both undergraduate and graduate programmes originating from different places in the world. We also have experience in running workshops for children, teenagers, and adult learners from workshops to running workshops for professionals to being part of accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. We have staff with lifetime associate membership with the Higher Academy Association UK. Check out our listing for our past workshops and also upcoming ones. Our workshops range from simple sciences to programming. To find out more on how we can assist you, whether you are looking for a particular course or want us to help, please write in to us.

  • Academic Publication
    • Proofreading / Preparation
      With over 50 academic publications, we have a wealth of experience in academic publishing across multiple disciplines ranging from software to social sciences and hard sciences in various areas ranging from research articles to chapters in books. We can help in manuscript/chapter preparations and advice on the journals to submit. To find out more on how we can assist you, please write in to us.

  • Translation/Interpretation/Transcription
    We have staff working on translation/interpretation/transcription projects since 2002 ranging from official government delegate visits to assisting in clinical and market research. We specialize in Chinese/English translation/interpretations/transcription, particularly in the medical and biomedical areas. For interpretation, our forte is in simultaneous interpretation. To find out more on how we can assist you, please write in to us.

  • Others

For more enquiries, send us a message.