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As one of the pioneering research labs in the world on scientific phone apps, we have the most scientific apps available on Google and Apple app stores. Our apps function from lab equipment displacement, research convenience, education and even games for psychological assessments! Most of them, made under our lab in A*STAR, are freely available.

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Apart from making PDFs ready for Google Books, we have also experience for our books in Amazon Kindle. Publishing a wide-range of E-books, we can help you create an electronic magazine, newsletter or your own E-book at affordable quality prices. Here, we carry a few titles of our Fiction and non-Fiction books.

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Want to do a survey but fed up of data entry or have problems with compatibility for statistical analysis? Try PsychVey, our survey platform. It comes also with auto-marking feature. Allowing the survey creators to design surveys in the form of MCQs, T/F, Fill-in-the-blanks, Likert, and Essays. Exporting easily as a csv file for spreadsheet analysis, it can be easily copied and pasted for statistical software analysis. It comes with email notification for every participant submit. Try it now at a pay-per-use model.

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